Border width property not updating

I have a row of containers with a set height and width filled with a background color generated from a list in a JSON source. I’d like to apply a border to them based off their name.

In previous versions of the composer, I had the border’s style set to IF( == "White", "solid", "none”) and the border width to IF( == "White", 1, 0). This worked as expected.

However, I started working on this project again recently and I can’t seem to apply any border width property any of these containers.

Checking in the web inspector, I see that border radius and style are applied to the appropriate elements correctly. But the border width is always 0 so nothing appears. I’ve checked my formulas, tried not using formulas—nothing I do seems to set the border width property to a non-zero number. Perhaps this had something to do with a recent composer update?

Any help would be appreciated!


Testing this just now, and there seems to be a bug in this! Thanks for reporting it, we’ll fix it asap. I did find a workaround: if you set each border element (top, bottom, left, right) with the same formula, it seems to work. A bit of a hassle though, sorry for the inconvenience!

That did it, thank you!