Bottom/Menu bar: How can I open a page without animation?

Hi, how can I open a new page, but without this animation?
This feeling of switching between the pages, but not like opening a new one.

This is how my app looks right now.

I want to make it look like this.

Hmm, perhaps replace page flow function would work better for you? Otherwise you’ll have to do this by hiding/showing containers with different “page’s” content on one page.

I also have the problem that i have a custom menu and now i use the flow function “Replace page”. What annoys me, as can be seen in the video above, is the animation. Just replace a page without animation.
Would not something like this be possible?

I’m going to be looking into the option of disabling animation from replace page at some point, but unfortunately it looks like I won’t have the chance to work on that for a while. But yes, it should be possible.

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