Bottom Right Border Radius

Hello, I have a container whose bottom-right border radius is not reflecting on the preview portal. The three other edges are reflecting the style. I set the border radius to 50 because I want curved edges. The first image is my view canvas which looks exactly the way I want but something else is displayed on the preview.


Hi, have you checked that there isn’t for some reason a (bound) value or a formula used to define the bottom right border radius? Just making sure because those detailed options can sometimes be missed due to being hidden first.


If there isn’t any value selected there, would you give me your app ID so I could take a look at what the issue could be? (You can find it in the app URL between applications/ and pages/)

@Tomi_Laakso there isn’t any default value set. I actually took an extra step to individually enter custom values for each radius but nothing changed. I used Chrome dev tools to inspect the component on the preview portal and it shows that that radius is set to zero. Obviously, there is a bound value but I can’t find it. Here is the app ID 131774

That’s super weird… I tried to check what the issue was, but couldn’t figure it out. We’ll have to look deeper under the hood in our end to figure out what could have caused this.

For you, I’d suggest to drag a new Container to canvas and apply the correct styles to it. Then just move the icons and input fields to the new Container. I tried that and all seems to work well with the same design choices you have made.

Thank you. I tried your suggestion and it worked.

Hello, I’m facing the exact same issue as above but with a regular input field (bottom right corner not rounded in the preview but fine in composer). I’ve tried placing it inside a container and it doesn’t work. My App ID is 310288. I’ve been on it for more than an hour now and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

Hi! On which platforms have you checked? Is your app new or old? I tested right now in a new app in web by dragging an input field (primitive) onto the canvas, rounding corners (fully round) and setting border style to solid. :thinking:

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 11.03.08

It’s an app i created yesterday.