Brand new account crash

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who do i talk to

Cant open up my project … error …Uncaught Error: no component description found for custom-a0d81a5b-440d-49a4-9d9d-b2a4d1d49b56 in create
at Object.create (ViewFactory.js:45)
at p (ViewFactory.js:119)
at ViewFactory.js:123
at ()
at p (ViewFactory.js:122)
at Object.create (ViewFactory.js:128)
at Dolan.js:77
at Function.e.create (Dolan.js:71)
at Object.o [as jsonToDolan] (DolanRuntime.js:8)
at e.processRawDolan (
at processQueue (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:63400)
at interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:63416
at Scope.$eval (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:64698)
at Scope.$digest (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:64512)
at Scope.$apply (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:64806)
at done (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:58786)
at completeRequest (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:58995)
at XMLHttpRequest.requestLoaded (interface_builder-1c58cd06886a39d7eb846290f85b0509ebb1b597d7a5d42bea2336abc14f5501.js:58923)
at XMLHttpRequest.d (raven.js:521)

Hey @Kevin, could you provide your app ID so that I can take a look?
The app ID can be found from the URL (/builder/applications/<App ID>/pages/1)

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here it is: 192109

another question, is there a way to connect to a bluetooth Arduino ? or is that only through the enterprise plan?

Thanks, we’ll look into this!

Hi, still cant work on my project

any update here??

Hi, can you get this fixed so I can continue my testing to see what the platform offers?



still showing the Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 11.23.19 PM