Breakdown composite component?

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I am wondering if there is anyway to breakdown a composite component back to its inner parts ? Just want to be able to bring out some parts of my templates without having to clone the component and do everything from the isolation mode which can be a bit buggy between pages.

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Hi, unfortunately reverting a composite component to its parts is not possible. What you can do is to use the “Clone as a new view component” option in the Component Template Editor to make a copy of your composite component template, which unlinks it from the original in every way.


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I have seen this option which might be useful in some cases but as for the original component, it makes you need to stay in the isolation mode which does not fit what I am trying to achieve. I posted a query for implementation of breaking down a composite in the request sections. If others need that and supoort it, might be of use :slight_smile:

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Okay – if you just want to export some view components out of the isolation mode, you can also use plain copy-paste with Ctrl/Cmd+C & Ctrl/Cmd+V when back on the canvas. However, all bindings will be broken so make sure to go through all values :slight_smile: If you want to copy over the whole structure, putting everything first in a root container inside Template editor and copypasting that out of the isolation mode is the easiest way.

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Alright, worked like a charm, the links were lost indeed but the formulas and custom JS was not ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

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These broken bindings are a bit of a gotcha. Its not totally obvious. Perhaps components with broken bindings need to be highlighted in red or something?

That would be practical indeed. For now, I am considering everythin copy-pasted as just plain UI and checking everything. Might be usefull to have something in red to indicate which components are not linked to anything.