Breakpoint posibility


I’ve got an strange error like this in my app. The error is clear, it’s strange cause it’s produced in a common update call without any complication :slight_smile:

9f62f7707e8ece5846b07f5e437e993966657300.370918d7e8743003d832.js:1 falling back to evaluateNodeProperty argumentType=repeated_bloqueaaa, argumentValue=id {supersonic: {…}, current: undefined, currents: {…}, repeatInfo: {…}, componentInstanceId: “page.Page4:dfeeb8d9-82db-41a2-ae70-e5c22e34ca39:ca…1af-f467-4366-a157-e09e44779961:rec9bThsJJkTpU2RQ”, …}

nodered.min.js:7060 13 Jan 10:50:35 - [error] [function2:1babb1c4.4c999e] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined

I’ve launched the app in debug mode (desktop) but I don’t be able to view the state of the internal vars to see in which moment is undefined.

Is there any option to put a breakpoint and do a step-by-step debug mode and inspect the environment&context variables?

Hi! No breakpoints, unfortunately. If you’d like to put “breakpoints” into your logic, you can add alerts between each node, as alert stops everything else.