Bubble Backend - querying data

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@SeanHoots I have followed your tutorial for using bubble as a backend.
Thank you for the awesome tuorial

I am getting stuck trying to query data / apply constraints - could you shed some light on how to do this pelase?!

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I now trying to use a post request - which then triggers a workflow to search for the data - I am getting data returned by as it is a post request I cannot add the array of returned data to the data variable

Hi @Anuj_Nayyar do you still have this issue? Or was this already solved here: Help parsing data - JSON Array -> Usable data?

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I believe Bubble requires a premium account (paid account) for database queries. Another option, might be to use Backendless. Backendless doesn’t require payment for data queries, and their API documentation is easier to read than bubble. It’s the same logic - just different resource URL, which you can copy and paste from backendless rest console into the appgyver data configurator.

@Tomi_Laakso thank you Tomi, I managed to find a work around which was using the get collection to do a Constrained search instead

@liam_rob I’ll check out Backendless:
One thing that looks great is they have cloud messaging/push notifications!
Have you got any experience/ advice for using this / switching over?

I have not tried push notification, but I’ve used the rest API for login/registration, and to post/get data. I used their rest console to generate the request URLs w/apikey

For registration

For login

For custom schema I used login and password, then set the response schema after.

For getting user

I set response schema after inputting user-token, generated from the login

for app variables I used

In terms of logic, everything else is the same as the gitbook page sean made. I hope that helps a bit.

@liam_rob Thank you this is really helpful!!!

This is awesome ill definitely be giving backendless a whirl as whilst Bubble is super easy to use, its kind of slow on the free tier.

Thanks again!!