Bubble Integration Help

Hello AppGyvers
I have a bible app developed in Bubble.io, I want to build the app for Android and IOS. I am trying to use AppGyver. I am facing some challenge in retrieving data from bubble.

  1. API response is limited to 100 records, if I am using DataApi, and to 50 records, if I am using workflow API.
  2. I have more than 35,000 records in my DB, I need to query effectively to get the desired results.
  3. bubble uses constraints to filter the records, however I need to pass the constraints in a JSON format, however the API interface provided by AppGyver doesn’t support this feature. I am very sure that I am wrong, someone would have done this already. I may be missing something.

Appreciate if anyone step in and help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Three Tables
Books :
book_id number
book_nm Text

Chapters :
book_id number
chapter_id number
chapter_nm text

Verses :
book_id number
chapter_id number
verse_id number
verse text
order by, book id, chapter_id, verse_id ascending

Hi! I believe there is an HTTP Request flow function that allows you to do this. You could technically use that to pass in JSON and then do whatever you’d like with the results. Whether that be to get more data with pagination or create local records.

That being said I’m pretty sure you can URL encode the constraints and pass them via the URL.

Does this help at all?

I can try and setup an example, but just to double check what you’d like to see…

  1. Retrieve data from Bubble using pagination so you can get more than 100 records.
  2. Query data using Constraints using either a REST Data Source or the HTTP Request flow function


Thank you for your response. Let me try the options.