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There is integration with bubble.io?

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Hi there. I’m new to Appgyver, but have done a fair bit of work with Bubble. There is no out-of-the-box integration between the two platforms. However, Appgyver’s API configurator makes it super easy to integrate with Bubble.

If you’re looking for a backend solution for your Appgyver apps, I’d definitely consider Bubble and, more specifically, Airdev’s Canvas framework (which is built on Bubble). I don’t think there’s a better fit for non-dev’s. It gives you an out-of-the-box, highly extensible admin dashboard, transactional emails, visual workflow builder for backend data operations, visual database builder, user authentication, etc.

Match made in heaven, if you ask me.

Have a look at @SeanHoots tutorial for connecting with Bubble.io here



Hey @Terry_Strickland just ran into your post as I was searching for post related to admin dashboards.

You made this post 10 months ago, had you had a chance to work on a hand on integration between Appgyver and bubble with an admin dashboard to tie things together?

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Hi there! I’m afraid I went in a different direction with my build, but I’m still confident this approach could work. Sorry I can’t point you to a successful case study!