Bubble.io backend Authentication Breaks App

I just followed the tutorial to integrate direct third party auth using bubble.io LINK

The issue is that now my app won’t even open. My default page is the ‘login’ page, but the logic flow I have on that page (not any of the UI component logic) immediately begins with the ‘get item from storage’ component. In my mind, wouldn’t the logic needed to process the authentication need to being only once the login button is pressed? Right now, when the page opens, it immediately starts a logic flow before a user enters information (just like the tutorial in the link above instructs).

I’m getting an infinite spinner when i try to open the app, and the whole phone screen turns a darker purple color during the loading process.

Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks!

Hi! Not familiar with that tutorial, but usually the style of auth is that if you’ve logged in before (and haven’t logged out), the idea is to check if there’s a valid session so that you don’t need to log in again (many apps do this).

But the infinite spinner and purple color sounds weird, but there was an issue with 2.4.19 that was fixed with 2.4.20 regarding spinners, so perhaps it’s better now?