Bubble with appgyver

@SeanHoots Hi sean,

I am new to appgyver. And I am building frontend of my application and website in appgyver. And backend in bubble. I have checked your tutorial of bubble.io with appgyver. And it is quit see to understand that.

I am facing use in creating storage i.e. persisteduser. As I am very new in appgyver, have no information regarding this. Can you please help me in creating this.

Thank You in advance

To persist your user session, you can either use the Set item to storage flow to persist the raw data and then fetch it with Get item from storage, or create a new client-side data resource for e.g. “PersistedUser” – you can then just create a single record with ID “CurrentUser” and utilize that.

Hello harri,
How are you.

I have followed all the setup that is mentioned in that document. Create
client side data resource and then all the followed all the step. But
signup is not working. Can you suggest me where I am going wrong.

Thank You

Can you share a bit more on how you’ve set up your logic (a screenshot would be great) and how is it not working?