Budget - simple app

Friends, I am a math teacher here in Brazil and a few weeks ago I met the amazing AppGyver.

I have a very simple application idea, but I couldn’t develop it myself…

I need a budget for the development of an app for the Club in my city (needy people) - the app will be free:

  • latest news (integrated with wordpress site)
  • link to External URL for monthly payment (few people help with monthly payment)
  • timetable of activities (sports) of the club;
  • system for users to combine training together: Ex: Michel needs a football player on Saturday 9am. Then another member can confirm your presence.
    Basically an event system with confirmation of presence in the chosen sport.

What is your budget? Remembering that I won’t make any profit on this app…


Renan (renanrois@outlook.com)

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