Bug between Input Field & Object Oriented Data (Video & Image provided)

I want to bind my input to my object. However, when I key in the input, the object change into a string.

This is my binding.

This is the bug video.

Hi @IAS_Valley_Secretary, thanks for reporting. Is this behaviour still ongoing? What type of variable are you binding to the inputs, page var or data var? What’s your app ID (number from Composer URL)?

Thanks @Mari . Its work now

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However, there is another bug that almost similar like this.

I have 2 different flow. The only different is the data that I use. The first flow works fine but the second flow is always reset the value to null.

The data (capital in the video) that I use in the first flow is the library that I fetch from the backend. The data for the second flow (purchase in the video), is the calculation from certain data. Both flow redirect to the same page which is name as input page.

Note on the second flow:
The advance javascript (calculation page) is run to do the calculation on page mount of input page. And it will redirect back. As you can see, the amount of Bank (20,000.00) is displayed on the dropdown component. But it will reset the page variable once I click the dropdown.

This is the bind that I use for dropdown component:

Btw, this is my app id, 238179

Now it is fixed after I change NUMBER(self.value) to self.value in set page var

@Mari @IAS_Valley_Secretary I am facing the same issue. What was the fix?