Bug causing images not to display from url if not top page in stack

I noticed a couple days ago a new bug started which is causing images not display from url if the page is not the top page in navigation stack. If I clear app data in my Android settings, they start to display again, so I think it is some bug in cache. Is there any way to ensure image is always loaded from url and not from cache?

I stayed away from having pages in the stack - I use replace for all page transitions so that there is only ever one active page.

I I just had to switch to that. You are right. Appgyver does not seem to be able to handle more than one page open.

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It was advice I got early on. There is quite a list of “maybe it says it does that … but it doesn´t really work properly …”

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I found out the hard way. After wasting six months building an app. Now rebuilding it with everything I have learned about appgyver. It is only good for a single page app, with minimal features.

That´s unlucky for you.

I find it equal parts frustrating but balance that with knowing I actually have a real live working app that runs well and does all I could ask it to do. As its my first app I have no real reference point as to if there is something easier or not. I do quite like solving challenges, and so far none have been show stoppers for me.