Bug - Config fields disappeared in Update record flow

Hi, in my app, when i select the Update record flow, i cannot configure it anymore, the fields have disappeared… in other projects it works fine. would you have any idea of the reason why ? not even sure what to check… thanks

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Hi, do you have a resource configured in the app and does it have “Update” enabled in the data configurator? If yes, what’s your app ID (number sequence in project URL)?

hi, yes i do, it was working yesterday,it broke this morning. i even still have other update record working fine in the app, just can’t configure them anymore, nor create any.
app id : 308670

thank you !!

I have the same issue. With same weirdness. Works, but cannot be configured.

I have the same problem. I just realized that happens when configure a Firestore data resource

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Yep, same problem on my project with a Firestore data resources, but works fine on the ones without

Hi everyone, we’re aware of the issue and working on a fix. It was caused by a change made elsewhere that has somehow affected this flow function too, apologies for the inconvenience!


For me it is already back now. :open_mouth:
Though it is weird still as it marks the “record” and the “identifier” as obsolete…
Also if I click on the small red “x” it makes the selected input to disappear.
Hope this can help to figure out what is going on.
One more note. When I add the “Update record” Flow function from the sidebar list, it does not even shows abovementioned “obsolete” inputs.

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