Bug in dropdown list label with formula

I’m having an issue trying to use a formula to generate the labels for the elements in the dropdown list.
If I use it, app crash whenever I execute it

PS I have already opened a bug for this

Can we have your app id and permission to take a look at this? Need to know more specifically which formula you are using and with what kind of data.

Here the app ID and reference page

If u take a look in the dropdown u will see this formula
LOOKUP(pageVars.labels.DropdownSortListCategory, appVars.currentUser.language)
that is used to translate the label

I’m unable to crash your app or reproduce any crashes on my own apps regarding dropdowns. Any help would be appreciated. Any more specific steps on how to crash the app?

It’s easy,
in the login page of the page just type a letter and then click the red button to login.
After you will do it, the app will crash since it will start to execute the formula
LOOKUP(pageVars.labels.DropdownSortListCategory, appVars.currentUser.language)
in the option list of the dropdown component in the page “Home”