Bug in Get Schema with Xano (Picture included)

I managed to use Get Schema. However, when I try to bind Get record collection with page variable, with identical schema, it shows “incompatible”.

This is my page var:

This is my get collection:


The to schemas don’t match, in Xano it’s a list of objects while your page variable has it as object.

I missed that out. Is there any way to check faster?

Sorry, what do you mean by check faster?

According to the screenshots you posted the data types of the to property do not match between the data resource schema and the page variable schema. Change the page variable’s to property to a list of objects instead of object, then the binding should work :slight_smile:

Yes it works. How do I double check the different between those variable? Is there any method to validate the data types when it shows incompatible?

Ah now I understand your question! Usually when binding variables and such with each other and there’s an incompatibility issue, that usually means that there’s some differences in data types. Otherwise you’ll just have to double check the property types and make sure they match, there’s no automatic way to do this unfortunately :confused:

I see. Hope there will be an effective way to identify which data type is imcompatible.