Bug in login page

I am facing bug in one of the bug. My login page cannot redirect to my dashboard but the apps already save the auth in local storage. It only display before dismissed initial view.

When I reopen the apps, auth from local storage can redirect to dashboard.

Hi! Are you still stuck with this? So for some reason dismiss initial view would not be working for you after login? Can you show a screenshot of the logic (where the toast appears and you dismiss initial view)?

Yes. Is it related with the Appgyver auth system since I received an email that system will be removed.

Btw, this is my logic.

Hi! From the logic it doesn’t look like you’re using AG auth but Xano instead, so you’re good.

I’m not sure what would be causing this bug – I would experiment by adding a delay to dismissing initial view, or moving the logic to happen in a different order or something, to find out a case where it would work, since here it won’t :thinking:

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@Mevi , It does solved the issue in login page. Now, I can login my apps and see my dashboard.

However, solution does not available for other page.

This is my flow:

  1. Register account
  2. Update personal data
  3. Update interest

Step 1 to 2, and Step 2 to 3 I am using replace page. Step 3 to dashboard, I am using dismissed initial view. However, it does not show my dashboard.

I attached a video (screenshot from iphone), for more understanding. Please note that, there is also a white component suddenly appear at the bottom right after I clicked input field and remains on screen after the keyboard dismissed…


So do I understand correctly that the flow you were showing is before any login to the app, showing several pages on top of each other and then trying to dismiss to initial view?

Anyway, if you have app enabled in your app, you must have authenticated the user before dismissing initial view. So you can only dismiss initial view after you have created the new user and logged in with it and gotten the session tokens etc.

The keyboard problem is a new occurrence of an old problem – Are you using a background image? I don’t see the problem appearing with just a background color for the page, but that may be it.

Hi @Mevi .

Based on your explanation, does it means I cannot proceed with my current flow? My current flow for registration, the user will lead to several pages before dismissed initial view.

For keyboard issue, yes, I am using background image. Probably there is a room for improvement. It would be wonderful if Appgyver can use gradient color background.


Sorry for the belated answer – it should be possible to show several images if you don’t dismiss the initial view and the pages are in their settings set to be ok to open without being authenticated.

Hi @Mevi. I have done some work around. Instead directly lead to several pages before dismissed initial view, I dismissed initial view at the page which generate the authToken.