Bug in new runtime - Hide Componant

Hide Component flow function not working correctly in new runtime - Works perfectly well in old runtime - on Appgyver Legend app.

See App: 170043 for details

Bug report filed

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Thank you @Anuj_Nayyar !

Hello! I have same bug, when we can get old hide component?
Any news about this bug?

Hi! In general I would recommend not to use the hide component and instead use a formula in the visibility of the component to determine when the component is visible. This can be done by e.g. a true/false page variable that you set to determine the visibility.

That being said, I checked just now with 2.4.28 and did not have any problems with the hide component flow function. Can you give more details about the situation where it isn’t working for you? I would recommend the switch to toggling visibility though, if you’re able.