Bug in web build with popups

I distributed my web build and i found a bug. I have two popups in my Website and if i opend one at my website usage, it will be opened again when i logged out. also if it is not on this page where i logged out.

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean by “popup” in this case, or what exactly is happening here :disappointed_relieved: So what you’re saying is that you have a bug which does not happen in preview, but only in the web build. What are the steps to make this bug appear? Is the “popup” an alert, a confirm, a modal, or something else?

No problem…
If i open any of my built in popups, with will happen. In this example it is an alert popup.
If i click on it, it normally opens the alert as it should.

But if i want to login, and click on login, it also shows this popup i already closed. Although it’s not in it’s logic. And this problem does not appear in preview version or at android app. It appears only in finished Web built.

Ahhh that’s annoying :disappointed_relieved: Have you had the chance to test this out on 2.4.16? Does this problem also appear there?

I’ve tried with the 2.4.16. Beta. The Bug still exists. But for now there are much more bugs.
E.g. the account icon in preview is round and in built it is a square and some variable’s don’t work as they should.

I also tried to go back to 1.9.22 but it failed and gives an error message.

We’re working on fixing the bugs found in 2.4.16 like the image rounding etc! Please keep reporting the issues, preferably with steps to reproduce, and we’ll tackle them.

How are you displaying the pop-up? It doesn’t look like an alert, so is it a container on top of the page or something?

That sounds good.
No, it’s truly an alert. But my browser uses an darkmode for websites. Maybe because of this it looks a bit changed. Here’s the logic flow:
Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-12-08_154158_platform.appgyver.com

Oh, alright. That’s really odd :thinking: I think I’ll have to have a look at how your layout is structured to see if I can figure out why this might be happening, so I could reproduce it and get it fixed. Can you give me your app id? Are you testing the built version in the appgyverapp.com address?

App-ID: 177865

Are you testing the built version in the appgyverapp.com address?

Don’t know what you mean there :sweat_smile:
I tried runtime version 1.9.22 and 2.4.16. (and now i also can’t get back to 2.4.16 cause of only errors when i try to publish the website)

I mean when you configure your web build, you have chosen an url for it, which you can access online. This one:

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 9.43.44

So that app is available under https://test324713895mevi.appgyverapp.com/

Yes, i choosen this one. (With an other name before .appgyverapp.com)

Hi! I tried your appgyverapp.com address but could not get the Datenschutz modal to work at all, meaning that it didn’t open even when I clicked on the Datenschutz text. Did you modify the logic? Are you seeing the same thing? I’m using MacOS with Chrome.

I actual have the same problem. But if I login, sometimes it opened the pop-up, but with white font on white background.
But it doesn’t work correct. I also don’t change the logic. It’s only a component tap > Alert logic flow.

It currently only appears on the initial view page. So at my other pages it works (But also with white background with white font)

At moment this still exists.

Hmm, I don’t know if it’s a browser thing, but I still can’t get your alert to open at all. Can you try making a reproduction of this issue in a new app? You have a lot of components and logic in your app so isolating this issue would make it easier to figure out and fix.

so i rebuild it. But it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s a problem at initial view? This problem only appears at initial view. At other pages this problem does not exist. But if you click on “Aktuelle News” at the initial view, the alert pops out. But in white with white font.

Alright, I finally figured both of these issues out and have put them forward to get fixed. Thank you for reporting them and sorry it took so long to figure out what was going on.

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