[BUG] Layout issues when

There seems to be a bug when you add the Open page action to a container’s component tap event when the container as an image as a child.

In the example below i simply added three of the Rating cards to a page. Then added an Open page action to the Component tap event of the first one.

This is the result when i preview on my mobile app (Android). The first card’s layout is distorted even though i didn’t change anything and its supposed to be the same as the remaining two.

This same issue occurs if you simply have a component with an image inside and add an Open page action to the tap of the component. In some cases the image completely dissappears.

Woah, that seems like a pretty wild side effect. My hunch is that editing the logic somehow causes something to be edited in the UI side too, otherwise it doesn’t make sense… does this effect repro in a fresh app for you? Does the card return to normal if you remove the logic?

@Harri_Sarsa - Yes the card returns to normal if simply remove the Open page action.
As you can see below when I removed the action from the first tile and attached to the second the issue moves to the second too.
If i removed the action completely from all tiles they all display normal.

Has there been an update for this? Currently experiencing this issue

Hi! What version of the preview app are you experiencing this with? Can you share screenshots of your app and the configuration in Composer?