BUG: Not possible to login from Safari on Mac

Just got back after 10 years and was trying to login. In Safari I accessed the login URL and started typing my email and password, but the form just ignored it and wrote “Ange en e-postaddress” which translates to You have to enter an e-mail address. So instead I opened Chrome and logged in, but I would like to use Safari instead.

Hi Goran, welcome back to Composer :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this – I just tried logging in with Safari on Mac, on the first attempt I got an error but on the second try it worked. So maybe give it another try!

Yes I tried it several times.

Here is the browser error:

Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: a.LegacyGlobal.LP_explicit_ignored is not a function. (In ‘a.LegacyGlobal.LP_explicit_ignored(document,e)’, ‘a.LegacyGlobal.LP_explicit_ignored’ is undefined)

Thanks for the additional info, I’ll report this forward!