[BUG Open page]

Hi guys,
my app started to not working as it was working before in previous days.
I’ve a page that is opened with the flow “Open page in bottom sheet” and in this page, when a container is clicked, a new page is opened.
Starting from some days this click is not doing anything: even if there is the flow “Open page” this flow is not doing anything, just closing the bottom sheet page but the navigation to the other page is not performed.
Can someone help me to fix this issue?
My app ID 101365 and the page that I’m referring to is page 27

I’m posting here to follow this thread.

I have a few things that stopped working within the past few days. Buttons are either not changing variables, or the variables aren’t affecting the visibility of elements that are bound to them. Checkboxes aren’t working on mobile.

Last July when I did my very first testing, some buttons didn’t work for folks on super cheap Androids. I was told it was because the phone couldn’t render so many components and that runtime upgrades would fix it. They totally did, but the seemingly random failures I’m now seeing (things that all worked just a couple days ago) remind me of that problem caused by incomplete rendering…

Unfortunately the mobile phone is always the same in my case. App behaves in a different way (flow navigation open page tap in a bottom sheet) and my app is not navigating as it was before.
For sure has been some update since I didn’t touch that logic so it’s a regression bug

Bug has been closed in beta version 2.5.12