Bug? Shadowbox does not initiate per formula specified

Okay now this one I am a little more sure: It must be a bug… Though even for this I am not. to sure soThus: my apologies if I am wrong yet again.

The idea was to have a transparent navigation bar where per tab selected you would have a shade/highlight develop around the buttons sort of giving the illusion that those are not simply row containers.
As you can guess: When the icons are tapped-on; the page in mention will load/show…
The shadow texture giving the illusion of a depth will turn off (Works with no problem) and a similar shadow will wrap underneath the tab enhancing the effect.

BUT IT DOESN’T :frowning:
Because when I bind the “shadow on/off” by formula… NO matter what I tried:


IF(pageVars.Page_contact, true, false)

IF(pageVars.Page_contact == true, true, false)

IF(IS_EQUAL(pageVars.Page_contact, true), true, false)

(REPEAT("etc", 100) + "...")

All: nothing!
Seems like there is a "shadowEnabled":true only… for some reason.

This is what the “illusion” look like (The shadow gradient faux-Boxshadow and how clicking on the button disables the BG image applied to “off”).
In this app I have two similar themes that of which use the same interface with a different GUI… One is more basic while the other is a lot more detailed in its graphical features.
In the former there is a shadow effect that is faked and in the later: a sort of glow.

This is how I was sort of hoping for it to work… Until it is tapped: I didn’t want the shadows to show.

But this is what happens…
I ONLY get shadows IF I use the botean option to set the boxshadows on/off… So thus they are all “on” regardlss to having ben tapped or not.

On the nonTheme version it looks “not bad” albeit it has a serious bleeding of the shadow to each cell. I ended up making the shadows deeper to compensate for this. Originally the shadows were a lot more subtle.

Sadly with the themeOn… I am really considering canceling the whole thing.
Because: Even with the compensation: it does not really work. And with this much shadow/glow… It looks more Sci-Fi than anything else.

I actually DID get some workaround by introducing a thin contour around the bottom borders of the cells to sort of “mask” the bleeding when the button is tapped.

I am thinking of giving it one more try by placing 2px cells between them to have them a bit more separate from each other… This may help the bleeding efficiently. But will change the style ever more…

Am I doing something wrong or is there reason that nothing other than "shadowEnabled":true seems to be all I am able to address to appGyver?

Thanks for reporting this issue, I was able to reproduce it and yep it’s definitely a bug!

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Thank you SO much! :hugs: