Bug: Unable to set nested Page variable

Hi, i am facing some issue with setting nested properties of Page variables.

Basically, setting any property nested beyond the 1st level doesn’t seem to work.
I am using the Set Page Variable flow and selecting ‘pageVariable.property1.property2’ and allocating a value to it (static or dynamic), it doesn’t work.

Only 1 level of nested properties seem to work.

Is this is a system-wide bug/design, or something wrong at my end?


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Resolved: So, i decided to create new Page variables (with limited nested properties) and change all my flows so as not to get stuck with this single issue.

The new flows are working now.

I am having the same issue, though I don’t think I can reduce the levels in my page variable as I’m creating a JSON Request Body for an HTTP Request which has a defined schema.

Has anyone worked out if this is a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, sorry for taking so long to answer.

We know that there’s a related issue with this that if you Set page/app variable properties that are nested, those won’t re-render e.g. a List that are bound to this app/page variable. To make the re-render happen, you’d need to set the actual page variable not just the nested property. This should be fixed in the upcoming major runtime upgrade which is currently in Beta.

But if that’s not your case, could you describe your situation bit more? Screenshots might help if the logic is complex