Bug when encoding a String to BASE64

Hello everyone hope u doing well ! my problem ( which i assume it’s a bug) is that when i try to convert a String to a base64 i don’t get the result of the conversion here’s an exemple :

i used he ENCODE_BASE64 method and it does show the result in the preview but when i try to log it into an alert to check its result value it doesn’t work

is it a bug or am i doing something wrong ?
best regards

Hi, the ENCODE_BASE64 formula seems to work fine, how are you doing the binding to the alert? I’m not sure if the “Open web browser” flow can handle base64 input.

hi thanks for asking, im doing the binding using a formula "
dialog msg <==> formula = “data:text/html;base64,”+ENCODE_BASE64(“text-exemple”)

but the alert doesn’t log the result, not does the open browser
i trying using the result of the encode method directly in the open browser and it did redirect me, but now the problem is i can’t get the result out of the encode_base64 to manipulate it as i want

Hi, I wonder what’s different in our tests, I have:

and it gives:

Hi, I pinpointed the issue to mobile devices, and that the ENCODE_BASE64 formula works properly there in view components, but not in “Alert” flow. I’ll make a tracker ticket from this and tag you in it.

Edit: there was already a ticket for this, adding more details there:

hey Mari, i was testing with an android phone so make sense ! thank you for your answer