Bug with selection of "Image URL" variable value type?

It’s no longer possible to select variable value type “Image URL” for page and app variables.
When “Image URL” is selected, the value is set to “Web URL”.
This worked normally in the last couple of days so this is something new.

Problem appears on community edition and in BTP version of AppGyver.

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Hello, yes this sounds like a bug!

But using Web URL instead of Image URL shouldn’t impact the functionality at all, so you should be able to continue with Web URL

It can be quite confusing if you try to work with pictures stored locally on a mobile phone.

If you take a photo from a mobile device, the path of the picture is of type “local filesystem path”. It can’t be assigned to a variable of type URL or WebURL (you will get a not-compatible message). If you define a variable as text or any value then the resulting URL can be stored but it can’t be used to display a picture because the image component requires either URL or Image file.

I eventually found that if I use “any text” type I can store a local URL in a variable and use it as a source for the image component.

This is a new error because in the beginning of last week it was possible to assign “Image URL” type to a variable.