Build 2.8.33 prone to crash


My app has been crashing A LOT with the latest 2.8.33 build

However, since I uploaded the necessary files for push notification, when being built with 2.6.8, the app will immediately crashes after starting

Please help

My app ID: 188030

I realise that the one causing the crash is mainly the custom sidebar menu that I make

Opening it one time is fine. Closing it one time is fine. But trying to open it for the second time causes it to crash.

The bug that I’m getting is the one as in the screenshot.

“com.facebook.react.uimanager.illegalviewoperationexception trying to update non-existent view with tag 347”

Anyone can help please?

Solved it

I made a component that should only appear after the sidebar button is pressed, which will cover the whole window. And pressing the component will make the sidebar disappear

But it seems like part of the logic of the hidden component was activated when I touch the sidebar menu even when it shouldn’t. I solved it by making a condition that the logic flow for the hidden component should only proceed if the sidebar menu is true.

That avoids the crashing