Build android app queued for long time and finish with Unknown error, contact support

my android app is queued for long time and then finish with Unknown error, contact support

What’s wrong ??
What can i do ??

If you tell me your app id, I could try to scavenge the logs and build settings to see if something is wrong.

Thanks a lot for you answer,

but i am a very newbie with appgyver, where can I found my app id ???


In the url of your main app builder view. But I guess I can manage to find it with this information :slight_smile:

From build log:


It seems like your android keystore is missing alias information.

Not sure how you created your keystore but you need to provide an alias name and a password
keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-release-key.keystore -alias alias_name -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

I hope this help you

Sorry, but i tryed to update with alias and pwd, but same error

No key with alias <REDACTED> found in keystore

Did the keystore you created include this alias?


Thanks a lot, now it’s working fine :blush:

Sorry and see you soon


Another question please: why I can’t change icons, splash screens and notification icons in image assets of android build settings ?? When I upload my images, nothing happens


Is the image the right size?
Anyway you need to press save & next for it to commit to the updated image. It’s a bit unintuitive at the moment, sorry for that.

Thanks Ms.Makinen,

i’ll check and tray very soon.


Same with me Build 271553

Hi @Stephan_Doukho! Have you checked the instructions here?

If following those steps doesn’t help you, let me know and we’ll check what the issue could be. Also, if the failing build allows you to download a log file, could you send it here? It might have more information about the issue straightaway.

Hello Tomi.
The apps are working fine.
Thank you very much.
Planning to publish in the next week’s.


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