Build Bug - 4.x.x fails for my iOS builds

Can I get some upvotes on my build issue? Anyone got a workaround?

It has now built with 4.1.6, no changes were made by me.

Still failing with the other runtimes though.


Just to confirm, I had the same scenario a few nights ago. Builds with 4.3.3 and 4.2.12 failed, and then 4.1.6 worked. I just worked through the runtime versions in order and 4.1.6 was the one that worked for me…someone had mentioned on another thread (may have been Phil…) about the most recent runtime versions playing up for IOS builds, so I just tried different versions until it worked.

There is another thread querying why we even have a choice of versions…I have to admit, I am still a bit confused by it but no longer worry too much about it!!!


I had 4.1.6 failing 4 days ago then 2 days ago it started working. I changed nothing.

Oh dear, its broken again … Today no successful iOS builds with 4.1.6.

I try to be patient and supportive, but there are times when a proper rant is called for.

@Mevi can we get some clarity on what’s going on here? Clearly these builds are being changed or we wouldn´t be getting different results depending on what we have for breakfast.

Can someone make the Devs behave like they work for a grown up IT company and stop playing with things??

Oh, and if they can advise how I can get a successful build that would be great too.

And just like that it works again.

So the lesson is that it is random as hell, just keep trying!!!

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