Build Error Android Mobile/Tablet

app id: 345647

I downloaded the log, but I cant seem to understand it.
Can someone of the Appgyver Team take a look?

This is the error message from the logfile:

Hi, the error is key associated with Hoeve-De-Ploeg not a private key.

It could be that:

  1. Your keystore file doesn’t have a password
  2. Password was written incorrectly in Build service
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I tried generating a new keystore file with a different password, configured the build in composer accordingly, but I get the same error.
What I did notice is that in Windows Command Prompt when generating this file and inputting a password. It doesnt show that you are typing a password, this is normal right?
200325-error.log (36.3 KB)

I think I found it, it was a simple mistake, I forgot to set the alias password. :upside_down_face:

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