Build Error - Failed to fetch assets Error

I’m getting the below error when building but I can’t track down what this relates to, can someone point me in the right direction?

Runtime version: 4.5.7; AB version: 1.7.0 COMMAND: ASSETS_ARCHIVE_URL=""%3B%20filename*%3DUTF-8’' npxrnv export -p ios -s standalone_appstore -c standalone --ci --yes --skipRnvCheck --packageManager yarn --template @appgyver/orchestra-template-standalone@4.5.7 -r --xcodebuildArchiveArgs “OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS="–keychain\ AppGyver-478254"” FAILED with ERROR: │ [ error ] [configure] Failed to fetch assets Error: Failed to fetch assets at /private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/478254-ios-232352/node_modules/@appgyver/orchestra-build-hooks/src/dolan/downloadAssets.ts:43:15 at step (/private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/478254-ios-232352/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:144:27) at (/private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/478254-ios-232352/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:125:57) at fulfilled (/private/var/folders/pf/p5g2vb2j0yx1x6vlmxdppc700000gn/T/478254-ios-232352/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:115:62) at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

This is only happening on iOS build android has built successfully.

I am also facing same issue,

I have been facing the same issue on my side too

Same here. Can’t build app for android

Same problem en Android & Web Build.

I imagine that for the new Assets Image update…

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I have deleted the Image Assets and now I can build both.

Could find a solution for this.
We had a PNG resource in the app, that was causing the issue (47kB only).

After removing the build works fine.
After readding this as a jpg resource the web build works fine.

By the way could you we please ask the redesign of the UX so that the “remove asset” is not only hiding behind the list option, but is also available under the default gallery view?

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What do you mean by this ? Can you please elaborate?

Solved ! My package identifier in my appgyver configuration and google-services.JSON was mismatching.

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Mine also resolved by removing everything that relates to push notification permissions and firebase device key.

Hi @Will. Can you walk me through how you did that? Thank you.

Hi. For JSON mismatching, can you tell me how you figured that out?

Hi Will,

You said, " We had a PNG resource in the app, that was causing the issue (47kB only)."

Does that mean that all PNG images should be changed to jpg/jpeg? You’re response is highly appreciated.

hey John ! Please check your Package_name in google-services.JSON , this is the file which you upload in the appgyver build configuration.

Here the package identifier should be same as in you google-services.JSON Hope this helps :cat:‍:motorcycle:

Thank you.

Is this only for Android? If that is the case I have none. My main issue is with iOS build. Please, see the images below:


Did you use any google service in your app?

Nope. I didn’t use any. If that is the case I should not worry about it, right?

Hi, What other options would you recommend? I did not use firebase for my app.