Build error guidance?

I have gone so far as resting all changes to this app back to the last successfully compiled version but I continue to get the error below. After searching unsuccessfully for answers on this forum and the web in general I find myself here.

Can anyone point this humble beginner in a helpful direction?
Is this due to something I’ve done in the app?
Or is this out of my control?

Any help is appreciated.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug. I’ve tested all kind of combinations today and was getting the exact same error.

My suggestion, compile as APK with v 3.3.5. It compiled successfully and provided both the APK and AAB file.

Lastly, I’m not sure that anyone has raised this as a bug on the tracker… Ill wait and see over the weekend.


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Thank you.

Tried again this morning and it worked on the first attempt with no changes to the build settings or configuration.

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