Build error - Module not found: Can't resolve '@tiptap/pm/state' in '/app/node_modules/@tiptap/extension-bubble-menu/dist'

app ID: 504624
runtime version: 4.6.34

Build failed because of webpack errors
Command failed with exit code 1: npx next build
Failed to compile.
Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘@tiptap/pm/state’ in ‘/app/node_modules/@tiptap/extension-bubble-menu/dist’

same here. made a bug report

Same issue here.
Build failed due to webpack error

On a Build Page now there is a new Client Runtime version, maybe it will solve the problem.

This error refers to a problem when compiling a Next.js project using the “npx next build” command. There seems to be an issue with the “@tiptap/extension-bubble-menu” module, as a dependency called “@tiptap/pm/state” cannot be resolved. This means that a file cannot be found or imported into the project. This could be due to an incorrect version of the dependency or a configuration issue in the project. It’s good to send these compilation errors to the AppGyver team.