Build error - we need urgent help (oct/9/2023)


Will anyone from the AppGyver team take any kind of action?

This isn’t the first time this has happened, we know what it’s like…

Is anyone doing anything to fix the problem? The Platform Status WRONGLY shows that everything is ok, but we know that IT IS NOT.

Hello Leo,
I have severe build problem with appgyver on android. I created a bug report on the tracker. Could you go and upvote it? There are 2 other people complaining about that.
One answer is this: “I see its produced because the parameter MaxPermSize has been removed from Java 17”

Estou com um Trabalho da faculdade pendente, mas ao tentar gerar o AAB ontem de tarde apresentou esse mesmo problema. Segunda de manha ainda tinha conseguido gerar o AAB. Sera que vão arrumar logo?

Leo, Just keep running it. I had 5 fail in a row then got a successful one. Good luck!

I’m facing the same with build for Android ( all 4 options are failed ).

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