Build Fail - Unknown error, contact support for more details

2 days ago it was ok, just made a minor change.
i noticed that before the issue come up that i had a badge for an update, which i installed (cant remember the version but was not frmo an additional component)

EDIT: could be this?

Runtime release 2.6.5 (2021-04-28) @Cecilia

Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

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I have a similar issue, and upon looking at the forums it seems like there are many people who are experiencing this “unknown error, contact support” error when trying to build apps, for both Android and iOS. Very strange indeed. I wonder if it’s something on our end or on AppGyver’s end that is causing the problem. Anyway, I’m quite active on this topic post:

where we are also trying a few solutions and trying to get the attention of the support team. You’re welcome to report your error there as well.

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Hello mates, any solutions found?


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