Build Failed For Android

I’ve been following the Google Play Developer process and I’m at the stage where I need to upload an APK file. So I go back to Appgyver and try to create a build for the app.

I’ve followed all the instructions using these videos to fill in some gaps:

And this resource to add in image assets:

When waiting for build to finish, I receive an email build failed for this reason:

as well as other warnings:

I’ve been trying to search up these errors but to no avail. Does anyone know, in layman terms, what the errors mean? :confused:

Hi, looks like something is not right with your keystore file (Failed to read key ... from store → the given key does not seem to exist in your keystore file, perhaps you have entered the wrong alias name in the build service?). Did you follow these instructions when creating the keystore?

Hey Mari thanks for replying!

I’ve re-tried it again and somehow it works.
I’m trying to publish it on Google Play now. I noticed these warnings when trying to Create closed testing release:

Would fixes for these be on my part or something on Appgyver’s side?

Hi, there’s no need for action on your side, we will take care of required changes for the API level update.

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