Build failed for application - Unknown error, contact support for more details

Hi! I’m triyng to download my first APK. After have some issues with the bundle identifier, I fixed but now I got the error message bellow:

Status: error
Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

The e-mail suggest create a topic here. My application number is: 267210.

Thank you in advance!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, are you still not able to build your app? Do you get a log to your email after it fails?

Hey Cecilia

I have the same issue. I recreated the certificates bunch of times as stated in documentation and no luck. no logs are attached to that email just this error

Hey @Patrick_Przybilla ,

Sorry to hear this! Are you talking about iOS or Android builds? What runtime are you using when building, and can I get your app id too?

I’m having the same issue trying to build an Android app, no useful info in the email and the link in the email is dead