Build failed with "unknown error."

My iOS build failed with an Unknown Error, and it said to “contact support.” App id is 181392. Any clues?

Can I get some help with this folks? Thanks!

ping Can I get some help here, folks? I’d love to launch my app, but I’m still getting “unknown error - contact support” when I build.

Have you tried the older build version?
The newer version may still have a few bugs
I think they are working through them

Yeah, I tried both build versions. They both give the same unknown error and tell me to “contact support” which…I guess is this board?

Hi! Sorry I missed this topic while answering others that are also experiencing this same issue – we have some issues with building 2.4.24 and 2.4.25 that we are now getting up to fixing after returning from the holidays! Sorry it’s been slower responding than usual, we’re trying to play catchup.

Sorry for the slow response time! I finally had a chance to check the logs, and it seems to be a bundle ID issue:

error: Provisioning profile “Crawl Scorekeeper App Store Provisioning” has app ID “com.sodialed.crawlscorekeeper”, which does not match the bundle ID “com.sodialed.fuelcalculator”.

We’re working on a better way to surface these errors, sorry for the inconvenience!

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This helped me get it sorted - thanks!