Build gets slow and laggy

Hi there,

I have just tested the build of my android app on my phone and I got a major issue :

Going through the first pages everything is fine, but after like 6 pages, it gets really slow. The scrolling becomes laggy, the buttons respond after 1 sec, the reading experience becomes really unpleasant.

Why is that ? How can I fix it ?

So, yes, my app is quite big. I have about 200 pages, but it is not that heavy (like 70mb). But that should not influence the speed right ? Since every bit of information is in the file.

My app is just displaying images and text, with buttons sending from page to page. It does not even have variables, it does not retrieve data from a database, no login page, no list repeater… it is simply displaying educational content.

What is weird is that he performance is fine on the preview appgyver app.
My phone is a Oneplus 6 with 8go ram, it is not the problem either.

What could be the cause of that poor performance ?

(I am no code savvy)

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Actually it is laggy too in the preview app, like the build.

The more you use the app, the more pages you open… the more buggy it gets.
Navigation and scrolling become slow to the point it gets untolerable after a minute.

Even worse, if you keep using the app, some view components disappear, like images, text and buttons.
I even tried to go back to a page that was fine the first time to discover it is broken the second time!

I noticed that the preview app was a bit laggy, but I naturally thought it was JUST the preview app, loading live data… but it is the same with the build.

I have been build this app for months now. I spend an enormous amount of time working on it. I am launching my company and the app is part of my product.

Please help!

App 159712
Password to enter : hoplaguide

Instead of using the Open Page flow function, use the Replace Page flow function. I bet that will fix it.

John, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

It is fixed. Now the app is smooth and efficient.

It is good to know that when an app has many pages it is better to use this function.

Obviously, now the android native previous button doesn’t send to the previous page, because there are no pages in the navigation stack. But it is fine for me, I will use the open page flow function in the first page (so that pressing the button doesn’t take you out of the app, but at the beginning), and I will do a custom previous page button on each page with the replace page flow function.

I think this replace page flow function could be in the side bar of the composer rather that in the marketplace, I did not even know of its existence.

Thanks again


I have the same issue, will probably have to do the same. :frowning:

Do you know why this is a problem, as mine is working fine in the Appgyver app. Is it just and issue with the new recent updates?

Are your standalone builds using the latest 2.4.35 runtime? There is also the old 1.9.22 legacy runtime available; so be sure to select the right version.

We will be pushing even more performance updates with 2.5 version of the runtime, early next week. If the problems persist or you can confirm there’s actually a drop in performance with 2.4.35 compared to an earlier runtime version, we’ll definitely zero in on this more.

Yes I agree. Replace Page really needs to be accessible in the main component group by default.

Thanks for the info. I was using the 2.4.35 version indeed.

Hi @Harri_Sarsa ,

I can confirm that the Open Page function makes the app very slow and laggy in the 2.4.35 runtime only, it works fine in the 1.9.22 runtime, without slowing the app down.

There is also an issue with Page Parameters in the 2.4.35 runtime compared to the old runtime. In the 2.4.25 page variables do not open with the correct initial value, it again works fine in 1.9.22.

Also, same issue possible occurs with the event functions “Page variable changed” & “Page mounted” but it could also be related to the above but the Page variable again does not run with the “assigned value”, they run fine in 1.9.22 but not in the 2.4.35 runtime where they don’t perform as expected.