Build is queued for days


Finally I finished my App, but it seems I made mistakes with the build service. First there were error messages because of wrong filenames. After I retrying the build is now stuck in queue.

Is there anything I can do or is it just taking so long?

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Had builds stuck for around 6h yesterday and for more than 6h today, still waiting.

Hi @Philipp_Sattler @Bruno_Oliveira, this is a known issue that we’re working on to fix. You can monitor the platform status here:

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@Mari, the build with 3.4.5 was finished after around 24h however the aab file is suspiciously 46% larger than usual…

Today I requested another build and it was quick, apparently back to normal times, but still much larger than before.

Hey Mari, my Builds are in Queue since Monday. Is there a way to cancel them?