Build is taking too long / Cannot create new build

Hi, I have made a build request since yesterday and up until now no progress.
Can you please advise on this?
ID: 375459
ID: 376571

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Me too. Composer version 2.12.2.
All morning and has not compiled any version (ios, andorid or web)

Same here. Whether it be 2.10.2 or 2.12.2, the builds is stuck at created. No progress at all

Same here: Is almost one hour that my app is still in status created

Having the same problem. Set to build at 3 pm EST yesterday and the status still says created on 2.12.2.
ID 272493

Same here, I have been waiting for about 4 hours.

Just to catch up. So after 12 hours my build was finished just now.

Yeah me too, after 24 hours! :pensive:

My web build is also stuck at created.

Now, I can’t even create a new web build. It says “Build could not be created”.
I hope the dev team fixes this issue asap.

same here, it’s been two hours