Build issue for android

I’m having issue to build the project using any of the versions available, in all cases I got the same error.

It says the file Google-services.json is missing but it is not. I’ve uploaded it more than 3 times trying to fix it and nothing, same error. Can you please help?

Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

I don’t quite remember which part clarified a mistake similar to yours from here:

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In my case it was because I left residues of components that gave me a compilation error in Android, and I threw an error of “Google-services.json” because I did not connect the Firebase component well.


It is still not working in my case, I can build APK but not APP, and unfortunately google play does not accept APK anymore.
I’ve uploaded the googleservice many times and pull both “save” buttons, and keep giving me the same error.

Are you adding the file to APK instead of AAB? This could be the issue. Be sure to click the AAB button in the configuration and also when building.

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Hi Donnico, In fact I thought at the beginning it could be the issue, but it is not.
I’m still getting the same error.
Could any Dev from the Appgyver check my project directly to see what is happening?


Are you still having this issue?

No, Mihaly_Toth helped me to solve it!


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Just to complete this thread and have something to mark as a solution.

In this case the issue was a mismatch between the “package identifier” that was configured in Firebase Console and the one in the build configuration.

Make sure when building that You have the same package name in Firebase and here in the build configuration.

Cheers and happy app building with Appgyver. :relaxed::pray:t2:

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