Build Queued for long time

Deploying a fix now. :crossed_fingers: Sorry for the trouble.

Buildservice seems healthier now :slight_smile:. Note that there we’re quite a bit of stale builds so it’s going to take a while to churn them out.

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Thanks for the fix @Mevi & @Sasu_Makinen! Got my files.


My app 312832 is stuck at build. Kindly help.

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for me it has been more than two days my iOS build is in the queue

The bug has been reported. AppGyver team said fix likely to come in tomorrow. Build service was overloaded over the weekend by increased demand.

Same goes for me. Both ios and android are not still in a queue since yesterday. Build 281079.

Hey! A fix was made today and everything should be working now. Here’s a thread with a little more info

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to build the iOS app (305325) and it seems to be stuck on “queued” (more than 5 hours). Does everyone know if there is currently a problem with this?
Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I’ve had a queued build for ios for about 6 hours now. I think there’s an issue. Hopefully, its solved by tomorrow

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Same here. Been over 24hrs now and still queued. Build 326651

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@Mevi @Mari

Is there any insight into what the issue is? It’s been over 13 hours for me as well.


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So far I have had no problems with the compiled and that my APK is a little heavy because it stores client data and the rest is little with the Api Rest. Today I had to compile because I had some errors and in less than 15 minutes I compiled. I live in Colombia and I say this because one does not know, if the failure of the servers is sectorized and some outside my country, there are many complaints of up to 24 hours just compiling only one apk that weighs almost nothing. My internet for now is 30MB and another colleague of mine from the same region, I compile in 10 minutes with an internet of 80MB.

The issue is not with Android builds, but with iOS builds

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I believe the 3.4.10 runtime has also disappeared…

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@Jesus_Santin @B_S @Hitesh_Patel the issue should be fixed now, have your iOS builds gone through?

No, they ended up ending in errors. Also, the runtime 3.4.10 is still gone. Any updates on that?

Hi Mari,

We just attempted to build for iOS runtime 4.2.10 and we also got errors. Someone has created a bug report, so I’ve added a comment. Appears to be the exact same error message as Jean.

3.4.10 is deprecated:

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Hi Mari,
In our case we also got same error with runtime 4.2.10, but it just worked with runtime 3.3.5!

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