Build release and staging setup

Hi Team,

I really appreciate initiative of such fantastic tool and easy to use it. I have developed an app and planning to release and come across below questions.

  1. How can plan for next build taken as it only having one environment. Just in case something failing app how we can revert it back. As bug fixes/release management here.
  2. Before actual release need to tested across group of user. can we do it here ?
  3. Any guide to deploy app to play store.


Hi @Sumit_Tiwari !

  1. Unfortunately the free version of Composer Pro doesn’t currently have a release management feature
  2. You can distribute your app for testing via Google’s Play Console and Apple’s Testflight
  3. Distributing your app - Composer / Create and set up your app - Play Console Help

Hi @Mari,

Thank you for your response. I will go through link which you provided.

Quick question on
Is it paid version of appgyver available ?
How can i see feature of paid version ?

Thank you!. Happy Weekend!