Build Service 3.4.5 issue

This has been pretty frustrating. My app works as expected in the Preview. When I build with service 3.4.5, every time I refresh the page I get a 404 error. I tried to build to an older version, 3.2.15, and that fixed the 404 issue, but the scrolling between pages did not reset (ex. however far you scroll on one page, the next page would start at that position).

Same exact project, two different builds, neither is behaving as expected from the preview.

The latest releases seem to have skipped QA testing. They are instead going through AC (Appgyver Community) testing. This is when possibly free is too cheap. I do wonder if the paying customers have their builds tested better before release…

Is AppGyver Black even still a thing? At this point I would happily pay for the service, if it meant more customizability or support.

Hi @David_Juliano, could you create a ticket in the bug tracker about the 404 issue with your app ID included, so it will get into the process with our QA team?

I understand the frustration and assure you that we’re working hard to catch and fix bugs. While we are running extensive QA for every release, some bugs unfortunately do fall through the cracks. So if you notice something off, the sooner it lands in the Tracker, the quicker we are able to respond to it and cover the scenario in future release testing.