Build service requires GoogleService-Info.plist without using Firebase


I’m still trying to build App 347153: Apfel-Team-App in 3.4.4, but the build service asks for GoogleService-Info.plist without me using Firebase an although the connector for Firebase in Composer is switched off.

There was no Problem building the web application.

Do I need the .plist anyway?

Are you using any ‘Get Device Token’ or ‘Get Firebase Device Token’ flow functions in your app? Those nodes will trigger a dependancy to that .plist file.

Thx John,

but I’dont. I did setup the Firebase-Connection once, but switched it off because I found a better solution.

No I created a .plist with firebase and the build worked somehow. Too bad, because I didn’t want to use google.

Hmm if you’ve added the firebase connection once, you probably need to uninstall the firebase flow functions to get rid of the firebase dependency. Please try that if you still want to get rid of the dependency.