Build single page from my multi-page web app

Hello people,

I’ve been using Appgyver for quite some time and i’m aware of its features as its limitations since its a free platform, but my question is it possible to build/compile a single page from my web app where i have multiple pages, why?

I just made some changes in the logic of a specific page and i dont want to build/compile the whole app, which take several minutes even hours, just to realese a minor change in my web app that could be done in just a minute or two.

Anyone know if its possible to do that? If it is, how?

I do not beleive that this is possible.

I’ve discovered entire web apps nest in the frame compoment very well; and the sap build app docs say it’s made for embedding react components. I have been making pages by writing the react code in firestore documents and then setting the src value of the frame to the firestore doc. It works flawlessly. I’ve even made a code editor and render the published page from firestore. So theoretically you could make a mobile app with one page and render unlimited pages within the same frame.

SAP Appgyver development team has eventually published an iFrame component (for “WebView support for web”) that allows for easy iframe embedding in web applications and that’s exactly what may make your wish come true…

Let’s create a custom component which integrates the iFrame component.
That way one can create easily own compositions of iframe-embedded widgets including stacking them in one single page…

To make it simple and easy to consume I created a shared container as depicted below:

Published! Share token: ewDn4jhGHlkbzGbhAP1F7Q

Then, one can start using this component with a simple drag-and-drop in your own SAP Appgyver community editions Composer Pro environment.

I hope that helps;

PS. AG marketplace widgets cannot be discovered within SAP Build Apps marketplace;
However, an AG app can be exported and then imported into SAP Build Apps.