Building a one page number check

Hi there!

I’m looking to create a simple web/mobile app that can be used to:

  1. create records based on number
  2. check vehicle number for duplicates and if so, shows an indicator it’s a duplicate
  3. blacklist a number so that when entered, it will show as blacklisted

Ideally, a login credentials will have their own set of data to verify against (this means that the data records will not be checked against a different login credential)

I’m not sure if this is possible on wordpress as i’ve looked around many guides, i’d highly appreciate if someone could advise if this is possible before I dive deep into it.


Hi, something like that, is totally possible with appgyver, As for wordpress, its possible too, but you will need to have some in depth knowledge in order to do that.

Hi Dimos,

Thanks for the heads up - i’ll look deeper into appgyver, sorry I was considering both appgyver and worpress.

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