Building a punch in/out app

Hi guys I’m looking to make a simple app that records several things when you login to the app and when you would log out (The current time and date as well as your location). How could I go about it?

Is this an attendance app? Will you login with the userid first and then have buttons to login logout?

Yeah exactly like this. You would log in with user id and then log out when you’re done and it would record the time, date and location for both.

So on the punch in button you could store the current timestamp using NOW() to the database and the same for logout.

Your database in the simplest form would have the fields

  1. User
  2. Login time
  3. Logout time

For location you can store the coordinates. Easily available from the get location flow function.

Perfect! that’s exactly what I had in mine. After I get the authentication working I’ll do just this. Thank you so much